Every Yarn.

Every Damn Yarn.

Every yarn in Kombat™ Flex is reinforced with PBI fiber to ensure maximum protection. No other outer shell fabric delivers more PBI…and that’s a fact. If you demand PBI, make sure you know what you’re getting before it’s too late: Choose Kombat™ Flex.

Firefighters recognize the name PBI and they know it means protection from thermal events. If PBI means protection, then more PBI means more protection. Don’t get caught short when it matters most, make sure that your outer shell fabric has the most protection it can. Firefighters deserve the best and Kombat™ Flex makes sure that they get it.

TenCate engineers Kombat™ Flex to provide a balanced fabric with strength and protection in every direction, every yard, every inch and even every yarn. The unique twill weave and fiber blend of Kombat™ Flex make it the best PBI outer shell fabric on the market today. Kombat™ Flex delivers complete protection against the dangers that firefighters face daily.

When the time comes to charge in and face the rigors and dangers of firefighting, make sure that you take Kombat™ Flex along with you. Rushing in to help is a decision that’s easy to make, Kombat™ Flex gives you the chance to walk out with the same ease.

Kombat™ Flex provides the maximum PBI Protection

No other outer shell fabric delivers more PBI protection

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